What’s it really like: Why I’m Not Pursuing My Major

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Devyn Mikell is a Student-Athlete at Indiana State University. He’s an NCAA student athlete on the Track & Field team and he studies Operations & Supply Chain Management. Currently he is pursuing entrepreneurial ambitions, developing his own Boutique Branding Agency and helping young entrepreneurs develop and grow.


Like many college freshman, I came to college with the bright hopes that I’d find a major to pursue passionately with dreams and goals.

I searched every possible major offered at my school and tried to match my personality and ambitions with the major that best fit me. After jumping around for a bit, I decided to stick with Operations & Supply Chain Management. It is a major that is based on efficiency when operating a business so I thought it fit well with the ambitions I had – to start a business in college.

Since my senior year of high school I have desired to be an entrepreneur. This ambition started when I sold custom painted shoes to classmates. From there it turned into working on clothing lines; then to having ideas for apps, websites, etc.

The challenge of executing ideas has always captivated me. Where people get excited to learn about their major, I get excited to watch videos that could teach me something new about entrepreneurship. Or in the same way people get excited about getting the big internship or job, I get excited to connect and collaborate with cool people and entrepreneurs on, LinkedIn, and email.

Pursuing Entrepreneurship has always taken priority over pursuing my college major, and I have no regrets about that. I have learned so much from pursuing something I’m actually passionate about, regardless of if I know anything about it in the first place.

The internet has allowed me to gain expertise in a few things that I never imagined I’d know anything about. Allowing myself to have an open mind about my direction and plans has let me see so many more opportunities than focusing only on my major.

Don’t get me wrong, I like my major and I do very well in school, but I feel like my passions can’t be put within a major. Thanks to this mentality I’ve learned to do two simple things: learn it and go for it.

So what’s it like to choose my passions over my major? It’s AMAZING. I wouldn’t change my choices and now my major is another tool in the box. I could use the skills down the road but I continue to learn new things on my own, simply because they interest me.

I am one of those people who refuse to be in a career that doesn’t wake me up excited. So if this means struggling and grinding for a long time, then that’s okay. I love the things I’m learning and doing, as well as the amount of connections and opportunities that have come from it.

Now, I am one of the biggest advocates for starting early and not waiting until after college to take risks. There’s something so rewarding and fulfilling about creating. It’s not the money, the power, or fame. It’s just the love of creativity that draws me to do the things I’m doing and pursue something different than the norm.

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