What It’s Really Like: I Don’t Have Any Idea When I’ll Graduate

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Kadrae Smith studies marketing at Fort Hays State University in Kansas. On campus he’s a Resident Assistant and he has held internships with the Walt Disney World College Program and at a top radio station. His dream is to become an on-air personality in the radio and television industry.  

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The transition between high school and college is like going from raising goldfish to trying not to be eaten by a tiger in the wild.

It is a scary world when you think about it. People are constantly always asking you, what is your major? What do you plan on doing with that? As if you know what your life is going to be like 5 years from now.

It’s not the classes that stress me out, but how will I use what I learn in the real world? How will I make a stable career that will impress my friends and not make people look at me like I’m weird or just wasting my time on a pointless degree.

I personally believe that no matter what you major in or choose to do with your life, as long as you pursue it with an open mind, clear heart, and give it your all, you can do anything. However, the world keeps asking those questions as if I need to know everything right now. I do not really have an idea when I will graduate.


I love trying new things and to some people that seems to be unfocused or unorganized. I always have people telling me to just pick something and go with it. But I see so many people getting degrees in things they are not happy in, and I ask myself why on earth would I do that? TwitterLogo_#55acee

I have bounced around from three different majors in the last semester alone. It started with marketing, then media studies, then communications, back to marketing, and then back to communications. All because at times I feel like I have no idea what I am doing sadly.

Thought I’m plagued with doubt now and then, I’m doing pretty good. I already have many job opportunities open for me, and I have completed 3 internships (including the Walt Disney World College Program) and earned my associates degree. I have been involved in student media, student government, student activities boards, black student association, and much much more.  

I believe that me not knowing what to do is giving me more experience in life and is helping shape my personal brand. And when I do find out what I want to be I will be even more ready than if I traveled down just one road.

It is okay to not know what you want to do. In fact, learning that was probably the best stress reliever I have ever had.

Life changes fast, which includes your plan. So rather living by a schedule for my whole life, I live day by day. I do what I feel like would be best for me and will help me better myself.

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