3 Simple Ways to Get The Most Out of College Now

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Every decision you make, or don’t make, in college lays the foundation for your future.

Whether that’s forgoing a minor to work part-time, being the first in your family to go through Greek recruitment, or ending a long distance high school relationship so you can focus on the present, it’s moments like these that make you who you are.

We asked a few of our #CampusFaves to share some of their wisdom gained over the past few years.


Be independent from the start, and don’t change for anyone. No one is more invested in your future than you are.

Nia Doaks, North Carolina State University


It is okay to be uncomfortable and scared of your future, but to seek out opportunities to make you better.

Jordan Jenkins, Ball State University


Stay organized, work hard, play hard, and constantly keep a list of goals and things to do.

Michael Walsh, University of Delaware

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