I Don’t Need A Big Paycheck. I Need This.

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It used to be just about a paycheck. Now, it’s about meaningful work. TwitterLogo_#55acee

Students entering the workforce today prioritize job fulfillment over the fullness of their bank account.

For some, this means having one-too-many roommates so they can accept a lower paying job that allows them to build products that make a difference L. Others forgo a short commute to the office so that they can work with families in need. And many recent graduates choose to spend their days dedicated to changing education around the world.

We asked a few of our #CampusFaves this question:

What’s the most important thing for you as you look for a job?


Working with amazing people, having skin in the game, and seeing my work have an impact on people’s lives.

William C. Ferguson, Penn State University


The opportunity for growth as a professional and as a person.

Megan Zahneis, Miami University


A job that allows creativity and mistakes.

Devyn Mikell, Indiana State University

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