So, What’s Your Story? College Students Answer

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No two stories are the same, especially when it comes to a student’s story.

For students, a story can change over four years. Hey, it can change over four months.

We decided to ask college students what they believe makes them unique and how that perspective makes them who they are. Although their stories will likely change over the next few years, we love hearing what they’re up to, now.

Selena Davant, Academy of Art University

I love doing things that are unconventional meaning not following any rules or norms. In doing so, I’ve learned to create and foster new perspectives. I love challenging not just myself, but those around me to be the best of who they can be as well. Simply put, I’m all about sharing a special power which is LOVE.

Selena Davant, Academy of Art University

zach kahn

When you think about it, not much is unique about being a middle-class white male with the cultural and socioeconomic opportunity to attend a prestigious university in an effort to fulfill the dream of working and succeeding in the technology industry. These days, it’s utterly routine.

However, given this privilege, I’d contend that some of the characteristics that make me unique are my capacities to think introspectively and act judiciously. This is to say that I wholeheartedly recognize that I’m in an extremely fortunate position, and that I must exercise my ability to make a difference not only to inspire and foster greater diversity and equity within the industry, but to affect a greater sense of empathy and thoughtfulness in everything decision that I make.

Perhaps this is an entirely silly and out-of-context answer, but it’s what I believe. Maybe *that’s* what makes me unique.

Zach Kahn, George Washington University


My story is unique because it’s mine. I’m a young, single mother who also happens to be a full-time student, a full-time professional, a feminist, a romantic, and a lover of sports, food, underdog stories and tattoos.

Laura Camelo, Mount Royal University


I started Yaardvark as a way to to help out the members of my community. I am only 18, but understand the importance of communication skills in life. Not working for a company, I learned how to take initiative, stay organized, and talk to adults. I am hoping I can help high school and college students gain these same skills. I also designed and built the entire website by myself and I run it alone.

Will Armstrong, University of Akron


I suppose if I had to pinpoint one thing that (I hope) is unique about me it would be my interdisciplinary nature.

I’m a curious creature and one who loves to be exposed to new and exciting things–whether through traveling, meeting people, or reading New York Times and New Yorker articles. I suppose trying to be a “Renaissance woman” is not unique, but rather, the ways in which I strive for such a title have been pieced together to make me unique. While that in and of itself isn’t a unique attribute, I think that it certainly plays out uniquely in each individual, and I certainly hope that it has done so for me!

Leah Romm, University of California, Berkeley

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