This Is What I Want Out Of My First Job

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Your first job means just that – a lot of firsts.

Your first day at the office. Your first big client meeting. Your first fight with the printer. Everyone remembers their first real job. Whether it’s good, bad, or ugly, you’re bound to get something out of it.

As college students across the country gear up for their first gig, whether that’s a 9-to-5 salary position or their very first internship, we asked them this question:

What’s the one thing you hope to get out of your first job?


I hope to find exactly what it is that I love in a job. Or maybe find out what I hate in a job. That way, I know for future jobs.

Megan Williams, New Mexico State University


How to ask the right questions and move faster in my work.

William C. Ferguson, Penn State University


I hope to know what it feels like to make a big, meaningful change in the life of someone else.

Nia Doaks, North Carolina State University


I hope to gain great experience in the field or industry I am pursuing.

Kadrae Smith, Fort Hays State University

Cathy Yu

Inspiration (in tech and in life).

Cathy Yu, San Diego State University

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