5 Moments to Live for in College

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We all have one – that moment in college that you’ll never forget.

Accepted into your dream study abroad program? Walked on to the football team? Published a piece of writing? These are the kind of experiences that make college mean something more than a degree. These are the type of moments to make it the best four years of your life.

We asked college students to tell us about their favorite college experience to date. Warning: Not one frat party is mentioned.


Running has been the best experience. I have met life long friends through cross country and track.

Jordan Jenkins, Ball State University


As a part of a program at UCSD called BrightEyes, I had the chance to meet with many startups and venture capital firms in the bay area, including in The Mission district of San Francisco. BrightEyes gave me the opportunity to see what working in tech is like, and taught me a lot about the startup ecosystem in the valley.

Daniel Kao, University of California, San Diego


My favorite part about college thus far has been the freedom that I have gained. I have the freedom to choose my major, my friends, and what I do with my time. I have to freedom to explore different organizations and become involved with things that I’m interested in. The fact that I am able to explore and find myself during my years of college has been an incredible journey.

Nia Doaks, North Carolina State University

joshua perry

This past summer I was hired by Amazon to become a Brand Ambassador for my campus for the 2014-2015 academic year. Needless to say, I was beyond excited to be able to work with a company as well-established as Amazon. In August, they flew each one of us out to the company’s headquarters in Seattle, WA. Before this, I had never been on a plane or even left New England for that matter. After biting the bullet, stepping foot on a plane, and conquering my fear of heights, I caught the travel bug. Seattle was beautiful and I’ve been wanting to experience more of the world.

Joshua Perry, University of Massachusetts – Amherst

Kweku Anthony 2

Taking a break from being a college student to experience the real world has been my favorite experience. In that time period, I realized what being a college student meant. The community, resources and culture are of value and one needs to take advantage of that. Far too often, we get lost in the parties and social aspect forgetting the essence of the education we seek. In my struggle dealing with that, I realized the value of college and that in itself has been the greatest experience in my college life.

Anthony Kweku Nyantakyi, University of Central Florida

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