5 College Students Share Why They Love Greek Life

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For many college students, joining a Greek organization on campus can be life changing. The brotherhood, sisterhood and community involvement becomes one of the most rewarding experiences of their college career.

We talked to students from all across country who are a part of a Greek organization to find out: What’s your favorite part of being involved in Greek life?

My favorite part of being in my sorority is the amazing networking opportunities. A great example is that during the interview for my past internship, the hiring manager was also a former Greek member at my school! We had a lot to talk about, and knew a lot of the same people.


Megan Williams, New Mexico State University – Alpha Xi Delta

I’m a proud Brother of Delta Lambda Phi. I never imagined going Greek, but I’ve grown so much from my experience. I love the deep relationships you make with your Brothers and other members of the community – you really care for each other in a special way. You become your Brother’s keeper. I also love the pride you develop for your chapter – it’s similar to having school pride or being a huge fan of a specific sports team. andy ng

Andy Ng, New York University – Delta Lambda Phi

I recently became a member of Pi Beta Phi, and it has been absolutely amazing to join such a supportive group of strong, feminist women. There are definitely a lot of stereotypes out there about Greek organizations, mainly characterizing women in sororities as shallow, vain and catty—the types of characteristics that have always been used to delegitimize women. But the young women I have met through Greek life do amazing things. They are working to become doctors, engineers, authors, political leaders, artists and computer scientists, and they all support each other’s endeavors. To live in a community of women that lift each other up like that is quite an amazing opportunity, and I am glad that I did not let untrue stereotypes prevent me from seizing it.


Kiley Roache, Stanford University – Pi Beta Phi

My favorite part would have to be the friendships and social connections that come from being a member of the Greek community. Greeks are under an incredible amount of scrutiny across the country, but I believe that there are a lot of positive aspects, despite the reputation fraternities get.


Will Hoverman, University of Wisconsin – Chi Phi

The respect you get from the entire campus. Being Greek gave me an opportunity to lead others and be a bridge builder for my younger fraternity brothers.


Carlos McCants, Arkansa State University – Omega Psi Phi
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