5 Students Reveal What’s Unique About Their Story

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You may not know it yet, but you have a unique story to tell.

During his #aboutmeLIVE event, James Robilotta made a comment that struck a chord in all of us (even the recent grads out there):

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College is where you figure out your story.

We asked students from all across the country to answer this question:

What’s unique about you and your story?

“I have always managed to fight my way through life and accomplish my goals. I moved out when I was 16 years old to live on my own and grow up. When I decided to move to New York, my family laughed and thought it was a joke. But I made it, and I am here trying to fight my way through the concrete jungle.”


Lisa Asmussen, Berkeley College

“Growing up on the internet, I woke up every morning to teach myself how to code well before anyone woke up. I did my first freelance project when I was 13, building a simple website for a paying customer.”


Daniel Kao, University of California, San Diego

“I’m the result of a long line of suburban tradesmen and women. And I will utilize every last drop of my ability to ensure that lineage doesn’t continue with me. From both my parents, and both their parents, etc., I’m the first to go after a 4-year bachelor’s degree, as well as the first to go after an urban-centric lifestyle.”


Lia Brouillard, Emerson College

“Vision and passion.  I am sort of like an entrepreneur athlete – whatever the industry or idea, I can jump in and become passionate about it as if it were my own. I have a strange ability to cast a vision for brands and to help think for next steps in growing any kind of brand, personal or commercial.”


Devyn Mikell, Indiana State University

“When I was in fifth grade, I told my dad that I wanted to go to Princeton for college. He glanced at my report card with grades ranging from A’s to C’s and joked “well you won’t get in with grades like that.” From that moment on, I was a straight A student. I ended up graduating high school as first in my class. Ironically, I never ended up applying to Princeton, and I decided to go to film school.”


Ruby Westkaemper, University of Texas at Austin

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