How 5 Students Picked Their Dream Schools

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Everyone has a story of how and why they decided on their university. In the fall of 2015, over 20 million students are expected to be enrolled in colleges across the United States. 

Now that’s a lot of stories.

We asked college students from all over the country to tell us about their experience choosing a college. Do you have a story to share? Give us a shout at [email protected] to get featured.


“I come from a long line of Trojans, so in addition to the familial connection that attaches me to the school, I love USC’s focus on community and the flexibility that I’m allowed to explore multiple areas of interest.”

Lani Renaldo, University of Southern California

Lani Renaldo 3

“I applied to 16 colleges and was led to Fordham by chance. I had never been to New York City, basically my entire family lives in Florida, and I’m not Catholic, so enrolling in a Jesuit university in NYC was a huge leap into the unknown for me.

Fordham took a chance on me by offering me a full academic scholarship, and ever since then, I’ve been glad I took a chance on Fordham as well.”

Canton Winer, Fordham University


“When I was choosing a college I wanted someplace where the students were proud of where they attended but also felt like home and fostered an inclusive environment. I found that here at the University of Kentucky, even though it’s 600 miles away from home.”

Chelsea St. Clair, University of Kentucky


“I decided on the University of Hawaii for three reasons:

1) I am an absolute ocean fanatic and actually suffer emotional changes when I am not within driving distance, or haven’t submerged myself in it for several weeks at a time.

2) It was financially viable for my parents as an option while providing a good undergraduate program for the majors I am pursing.

3)  Family is a big part of my life, and living in Hawaii really emphasizes the importance of staying connected.”

Kacy Johnson, University of Hawaii


“Have you ever met someone who hasn’t been infatuated with the idea of moving to New York at some point in his or her life?

As great as it was to grow up with the beach in my backyard, I craved a city with energy and I wanted a school that would challenge me academically and socially. NYU is a large school and you have to work hard, work passionately to stand out both at school and in the city, and that was a task that excited me. “

Andy Ng, New York University andy ng

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