What Would You Tell Your Freshman Year Self?

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College is tough. College is a blast. And college life can overwhelming – in the best way…

Looking back, most students have things they wish they’d done differently. And some things, they wouldn’t change at all.

We asked college students from around the country this question:

What would you tell your freshman year self?

Read on to discover what these students might have done a little bit differently.

“The faster you know yourself the quicker you can have a greater impact around you.” Tweet: “The faster you know yourself the quicker you can have a greater impact around you.

William Ferguson, Penn State


“Seize every opportunity and do as much as you can. You’re paying for it.”

Kara Daniels, The Ohio State University

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“Get good at Javascript earlier.”

Daniel Kao, University of California, San Diego


“Time will fly by. Don’t give up. Talk to an advisor when you sign up for courses. There are always things you can do if you want to graduate faster, you just have to ask.”

Lisa Asmussen, Berkeley College


“Everyone is really good at making it look like they have it together effortlessly. You are, too. Don’t worry, keep working hard, and love yourself better.”

Leah Romm, University of California, Berkeley


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