How Students Chose Their University

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Every year, high school students have a big decision to make – where to attend college.

This is serious business. Today, some students submit applications to nearly 30 colleges.

For some, the decision is based on following the path of their family. For others, it’s making a pilgrimage to a far away city where new experiences, friends and adventures await. And for other students it’s attending the “best” school they were accepted into.

However they make the choice, it’s no doubt an important one.


We asked students why they chose their university. For some it was quick and easy, for others, not so much. Read on to discover what led a few of our #CampusFaves to their home of the “best four years of their lives.”

My sister made me apply to Tulane. When I got in I honestly thought nothing of it, thinking I’d never end up there, but when I started getting rejected from every single school I wanted to go to, I decided I needed to visit.

I visited Tulane the April of my senior year and instantly fell in love. I had never been to New Orleans and was in shock that I had been so unaware of this beautiful and culturally rich city. I was won over by the foreign feel of the French Quarter and the live music that was on every corner.

Piper Browne, Tulane University

piper browne

My junior year of high school I decided I wanted to go to a really good school, because I didn’t know what I wanted to do career-wise but I thought that when I figured it out—which, I estimated, would be between the ages of 18-22—a “good” school would give me the resources to pursue my chosen career path. The best school I got into was Columbia, so I went.

Zach Schwartz, Columbia University

Profile Zach

When applying for colleges, I knew that I wanted to go somewhere far away from my hometown to meet new people in a new environment. I was torn between UCLA and the University of Texas at Austin until I visited Austin and fell in love. I thought it would be the perfect place for my college career because the indie film scene is strong, and many local filmmakers love to work with college students. Here I have a unique opportunity to penetrate the film world that would be harder for a student in Los Angeles.

Ruby Westkaemper, University of Texas, Austin


Cameron University prides itself as the best and most affordable four-year college in southwest Oklahoma. I am proud to be a student of Cameron University. I am proud to attend a university which aims to give every student the opportunity to create a story for themselves; a story of service and opportunity; a story of leadership, dedication and hard work; I am proud to be an Aggie.  

Waheed Gbadamosi, Cameron University


When I was selecting colleges, a lot of the information that was provided seemed totally overwhelming and while somehow looking completely the same.

I choose the University of California San Diego because my mom told me to, and well, moms know best. But turns out that it was one of the best decisions I ever made. UC San Diego gave me a roommate my freshman year that would later become my roommate all the way until Senior Year. It gave me the ability to step outside my comfort zone and pick up an engineering minor. It allowed me to live 10 minutes away from one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. And most importantly, UC San Diego gave me the college experience that I always wanted, and never even dreamed was impossible.

Cathy Yu, UC San Diego

Cathy Yu

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