Finding His Voice On Campus

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Hope. Frustration. Heartbreak. All very common feelings that come with being a 21-year-old.  These are the type of feelings that many students carry with them on campus.

These are also the themes that Chris Paterno, a Boston College graduate, reflects in his music. In his debut EP, “Everyday Shadows” there is a strong sense of being able to relate to the stories that have all been drawn from raw emotion. 


His path to music started with a drum kit and by teaching himself to play several instruments including the guitar and harmonica. The next natural transition for him was joining a band. During his six years with the band Runaway Youth, Chris learned about music by experiencing and creating it on his own.

Being in a band requires the knowledge of, “rhythm, congruence, and sonic interactions [among] instruments that most musicians can only experience from the back of the stage,” he said. While learning all this, the unexpected side effect was discovering his own unique sound. 

Chris Paterno Get Discovered

“I built off of this percussive foundation to create a unique sound that is defined by attention to detail, rhythm, and tonal quality,” he said. He said that these technical elements of music could not be complete without his own life experiences that he incorporates into his songs. 

There could be no better place for a musician to find his voice than a college campus. For Chris, attending college in the city of Boston provided a creative backdrop and and ease to collaborate with other musicians.

Chris knows that to spread his music, having a strong presence online is critical to his success. “Social media is a big part of the music industry,” he said. His allows him to have a place to point to online and combine his vast social presence in one place.   


Jessica Jacolbe is a freelance writer and recent graduate of St. Joseph’s College, where she double majored in economics and journalism. She currently resides in Brooklyn, New York.

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