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5 Ways To Stand Out On Campus

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There’s a difference between being good and being great. The great get noticed.

If you’re striving to be great, to stand out, here are five steps you can put into action right away.

1. Make progress.

Be proactive, not reactive. Have a great idea? Take action on it. Build it. Create it. Write it. Make it happen. Even if it’s not the best of the best, there will be a finished “product” to show.

2. Do the work.

Top students grind hard on their passions. When most give up, top students push harder.

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3. Don’t complain.

Complaining and blaming others is easy. Too easy. The great don’t do this. Instead, those that get noticed acknowledge what’s going on around them and figure out how to make their situation better. Most importantly, they ask themselves what they can learn from each situation.

4. Spend time with people that make you better.

People who do great things spend time with people who support them, challenge them, empower them and hold them accountable. Average students spend time with people who accept mediocrity and who won’t challenge them.


5. Have integrity. 

The great take full responsibility and accountability for their actions. They do what they say they are going to do. They keep agreements.

Bottom Line:

No one cares more about your goals more than you do. What you did yesterday is a great indicator of your future success, or lack thereof.

What will you do today?

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