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How To Create Your Dream Job

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Many revolutions have changed the world for the better. I want to start one of those. It’s something I call the “DREAM JOB REVOLUTION.”

I know, I know. It might sound a little touchy-feely, but it’s crucial.

Let’s face it. People who love their work innovate, engage and deliver.  They have fun. They make a difference. So yeah, I want to see more of that.

Now, I should be clear. To me a “dream job” doesn’t constitute some sort of rainbows, butterflies and little ponies type of experience.  And it doesn’t mean some sort of get rich quick, late night infomercial, big paychecks for no work kind of promises either.

My definition of a “dream job” is: doing work you love OR doing work that allows you to do something you love.

To this end, I have interviewed hundreds of people I call “Revolutionaries.”  These are people who have achieved or created their dream jobs.  These interviews have helped me to uncover some simple but powerful concepts that might just help YOU to achieve or create your own dream job.

Here they are boiled down into 6 steps (and the word DREAMS).

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Turn your dream internship into your dream job with these tips.

D – Decide

First, you must decide it’s possible.  Most people (as in 70% of the U.S. workforce) don’t really like their job. So most will tell you that dream jobs don’t exist.  However, I found that Revolutionaries who had actually attained dream jobs first decided it was possible… and then went out to create or achieve it.

R – Roles

Most Revolutionaries that I interviewed aspired to a “role” not a “title.”  That means they decided on the type of work, the role, they wanted, without fixating on a title.  They thought more about the kind of work they wanted and pursued that… whether they knew a title existed or not.”

E – Experiment

Revolutionaries gave themselves permission to experiment.  In fact, most found their dream jobs through experimenting.  They might have had a job they didn’t love but that’s when they took a side-job, or they signed up for a class, or they asked an interesting person to coffee.  More often than not, their dream job came from an experiment.


A – Attitude

Revolutionaries stay grateful AND hungry.  In short, they are intentional about their attitude.

Attitude helps you stay kind, focused and moving forward.  Plus, the Revolutionaries I spoke with let me know that the right attitude helped them to navigate what I call, the “20% Suck Factor.”  What’s that?  Well, even dream jobs have something you won’t love… something that will suck.  It’s just a reality.  So be ready for it. Anyone telling you otherwise is trying to sell you something!

M – Milestones

Set goals but think in terms of “milestones.”  Revolutionaries tended to be goal oriented but they also made sure they enjoyed the journey.  They thought about what they wanted to achieve, but they also made time for the things they wanted to learn, experience and do along the way.

S – Seasons

Some people think there’s only one dream job out their for them. Not true. Your concept of a dream job will evolve depending on which season of life you’re in. Revolutionaries tended to create or achieve dream jobs that were right for the season they were in.  As they did, they also often uncovered their next dream job in the process!

Now… I invite you to join this revolution.  Keep D.R.E.A.M.S. in mind and go out to find your FIRST or your NEXT dream job! Based on the stories from your fellow Revolutionaries, it won’t be easy but it will be worth it!


Mitch Matthews is an best-selling author and internationally recognized speaker. His popular podcast “DREAM. THINK. DO.” is at the top of the iTunes charts. Mitch lives a highly caffeinated life and proudly resides in Des Moines, Iowa with his wife and their two boys.  

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