This is What Keeps Students Up at Night

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What keeps students up at night? Worrying about getting a job after college. That’s what.

It’s their fears about landing a job that they’re not passionate about. It’s wondering if they will have to compromise on career goals just to pay off student loans. It’s the fear of rejection from a dream job, an application they’ve worked day and night on.

We get it. The job hunt can be tough. Especially when many recent grads are either unemployed or ending up in “lower level” jobs just to make a buck. No one wants this to be their story.


We asked students from around the country to weigh in on what their biggest fears and insecurities are about the job search. Their answers are revealing.

What are your biggest fears about the job search process?

Not finding one at all. I’ve been so blessed with my education and would love to be able to give back to my parents for all they have given me. There are lots of ideals I have, things I might want from a job, but what I’m most afraid of is not having one at all.  – Kiley Roache, Stanford University

Besides not finding said job and feeling like the last kid picked for games at recess? One of my largest fears about the job search process is accepting a position I’m not particularly passionate about just for the sake of feeling safe by having a job. Or ending up getting stuck in a business I don’t inherently have an interest in. – Lia Brouillard, Emerson College

My biggest fear was that I would land a job that was not intellectually stimulating. I cannot work hard if I am not challenged.  – Chris Paterno, Boston College

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Not getting a job! The job search is daunting because you’re putting your heart out there to strangers who might not see all the value you might offer to an employer. I think a lot of insecurities pop up through the process – Am I qualified enough? What if they don’t like me since I only had two internships in college? – Andy Ng, New York University

Although my biggest fear about the job search process would probably be rejection, it is an inevitable part of life and a necessary evil. When looking at the big picture of life, rejection is just one door closing because you are meant to walk through another one. I firmly believe in the saying, “What’s for you will not pass you.”- Jessica Gillen, University of Central Florida

I think the biggest fear is that I will have to compromise my aspirations I’m passionate about in order to make enough money to pay off student loan debt.  – Will Hoverman, University of Wisconsin-Madison

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