Land an Internship Without a Resume

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Raghav Haran landed the internship of his dreams in New York City. And he was never even asked for his resume.

As an economics major at the University of Michigan, Raghav has always had an interest in startups and technology. When he began his summer internship search, one company that grabbed his attention was Shutterstock.

In our interview with Raghav, he shares how he separated himself from the competition by using his page.

raghav haran

Tell us about yourself.

Since I was in third grade, I’ve always loved creating things. I’d write short stories for my entire class to read and observed how they reacted to each section in the story, so I could iterate and make the next one better. In fourth grade, I’d make board games for my class to play, and observed their interactions throughout the gameplay to see how the product could be improved.

I’m super interested in product development. That includes every aspect from approaching a complex problem, getting in the heads of users and understanding needs, and designing the perfect product to solve that problem. Now, I focus on product development and UX design for tech companies.

How to turn your dream internship into a job offer.

How did you use your page with your internship search?

I had the “about” page on my design portfolio link back to my page. This helped a lot when I was interviewing for an internship at Shutterstock – my initial interviewer was able to access my page through my design portfolio, and since I already had my experience listed in the backstory section of my page, I was never even asked for my resume.


How does allow you to tell your story differently?

My page allowed me to get the complete picture of my identity on one site. I am able to display.

  1. A short biography of how I describe myself.
  2. Access to other social networks so people can see other parts of my identity.
  3. My design portfolio.
  4. My professional experience.

It feels like I’m telling a story about myself, which is really cool.

What’s the most important thing for applicant to get across during the job/internship search?

It’s super important for applicants to convey how they can solve a company’s specific pain points. A lot of applicants just show up to just “answer questions”, which isn’t the best approach. For example, for most UX positions I applied for, I ran a quick usability test on the product before the interview and came to the interview with design suggestions in hand. Spending an extra hour or two to do some research into the company’s pain points and have some specific ideas on how you could help really goes a long way.

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