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Every month, more than 230 million people are active on Twitter. So, it’s no surprise that an estimated 80% of college students are tweeting away 24/7.

For any college student, Twitter is key for keeping up with your favorite athletes, brands, or bands and staying up on the latest trending hashtags and memes. It’s also a great way to build a personal brand along the way and get yourself discovered.

But what is your Twitter missing? Your about.me page.

When you add your page to your Twitter bio, you stand out in the crowd. You give people the opportunity to learn about you, your interests and more. With your about.me, people see the full story of who you are, on your terms, and not based on your last tweet.


Meet a few of our #CampusFaves who use their about.me page in their Twitter bio to get noticed.

Danielle Feerst is a student at Tufts and the founder and CEO of Autism Sees. Danielle uses her about.me link in her Twitter bio to connect with everyone from investors to other students interested in supporting her mission to help individuals with Autism disorders increase their eye contact and public speaking skills.

Photo via Emma Kindig/The Tufts Daily
Photo via Emma Kindig/The Tufts Daily

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As an intern in New York City and University of Michigan student, Raghav Haran keeps his followers up to date by inserting his about.me page into his Twitter bio. Followers can read up on his Medium posts via Twitter and learn more about his interest in the startup industry on his about.me page.


Megan Hut is an international student athlete at Earlham College who is originally from The Netherlands. Megan makes sure her about.me page is in her Twitter bio so that anyone can learn about her dream of studying in the United States and love of traveling.


Are you a student who uses your about.me page on Twitter to connect? Let us know here!

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