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In today’s competitive landscape, businesses rely on their employees to have a knowledge base of technology in just about every job function.

With the number of business school graduates racing higher, if you don’t stand out, you’re left out. Knowing how to write basic programming code is a must.

As entrepreneur and venture capitalist Marc Andreesen once said, “Software is eating the world,” yet business schools are still printing diplomas for students who have no knowledge of programming beyond simple functions in Excel.


Business students can’t rest on their laurels in order to successfully snag a job after college. Here are three reasons why business students need to learn how to code.

1. Take Your Thinking to the Next Level

Learning to code requires thinking about a problem at a high level and seeing the solution as a series of logical steps. This has a profound impact on approaching problems outside of coding and being able to see the steps necessary to reach a solution.

2. Communicate Your Ideas More Effectively

Learning to code teaches you how to properly communicate your ideas with your future (or current) company’s IT and engineering team. Investing a small amount of time to obtain knowledge of coding terms and what they mean can save countless hours of back and forth, making you a more efficient (and more valuable) employee.

3. Set Yourself Apart

In a historically competitive job market, hard skills outside of your focus area can be the difference between a second round interview and a job offer. Better yet, there are countless high-quality platforms that can give you a solid foundation in basic coding skills. Our favorites include Codecademy (free!) and Treehouse ($25/month for the basic plan, with a growing number of public libraries offering free accounts to their members).

Have you picked up any coding skills? Let us know what you’re working on via Twitter. Still living in the dark ages? Give one of the above options a few hours this weekend, we promise you’ll pick it up faster than you think.

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