How One College Student Finds Inspiration In People

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Anthony Kweku Nyantakyi doesn’t take anything for granted.

Originally from Accra, Ghana, this University of Central Florida student is taking full advantage of the college experience. He is guided by his firm belief in the power of people, community and doing good. His secret to success on campus – surrounding himself with exceptional people.

A man of man talents from music to entrepreneurship to his legal studies major, Anthony believes that the way to solve the world’s problems is by having people from different backgrounds work together. To do this, he says we must celebrate our similarities rather than our differences.

Read on to learn more about Anthony’s story and journey.

Kweku Anthony 2

What’s unique about your story?

My story would not be a story without the people in my life. My parents, especially my grandmother have played major roles. In starting a company, my friends and team have been the most supportive and without them I would not have a story to tell.

What’s something that not many people know about you that has defined who you are today?

Dealing with depression and anxiety has helped define me. Sometimes in the darkest places you learn more about yourself and learn to focus to see the light.


Where do you find inspiration?

In people. I have this belief that everyone is innately good. We might drift away from this as we grow, but being able to draw from the source of “good”, coupled with collective efforts towards achieving a common goal, we can change the world.

As humans, we are the key to the solving the world’s problems and that can only come from a place of “good”. In religion, this is referred to as God. For me, I find the good within me, to love, forgive and forget. It is where I find my inspiration to do anything.

Kweku Anthony 1

What’s been your favorite experience as a college student thus far?

Taking a break from being a college student to experience the real world has been my favorite experience. In that time period, I realized what being a college student meant.

The community, resources and culture are of value and one needs to take advantage of that. Far too often, we get lost in the parties and social aspect forgetting the essence of the education we seek. In my struggle dealing with that, I realize the value of college and that in itself has been the greatest experience in my college life.

Define how you live in 5 words.

I learn from my failures.

You get to invite 5 influential people to a dinner party. Who are they and why?

  1. Kofi Annan
  2. Bill Gates
  3. Richard Branson
  4. Aliko Dangote
  5. Elon Musk

The unique background of these individuals, where they came from, and their outlook on the future of our world would be a great conversation to have over dinner!

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