One First Generation College Student’s Journey to the Fashion Industry

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Gabrielle Salman is one of the lucky ones. Inspiration just finds her.

A sociology major at the University of Central Florida, this first generation college student has taken full advantage of the college experience by pursuing her passions for photography and fashion.

When she’s not snapping fashion shots for her internship with College Fashionista, you can find Gabbie in coffee shops planning her next adventure. Check out our interview with Gabrielle about where she finds inspiration, the 5 people she would invite to dinner and a few things about her you’d never get from a resume.


What’s unique about your story?

I’m a first generation college student who comes from two foreign parents. They instilled in me this undying passion for everything that I do and love. I’ve always had a different way of thinking. I’ve always felt like the outcast in the things I wanted to do in life. I believe we all have a similar goal, but different motives.

What’s something that not many people know about you that has defined who you are today?

I’ve always wanted to pursue music. Ever since I can remember, I’ve envisioned myself on a stage performing for millions of people. I feel like I’ve always connected with music on a higher level and I love to sing. I think my obsession with talent has driven me to want to be a part of all things creative.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere, or maybe I should say that it finds me. I could be staring at a blank wall and all I have to do is let my mind wander.

What’s been your favorite experience as a college student thus far?

My favorite experience as a college student has been being a part of the atmosphere. Football tailgates are always one of those events where I take a step back and look around and just think, “Wow.” Hundreds of people fill campus full of college pride and for that one moment, all of these people have one thing in common.
Gabrielle Salman

Where will we find you 2 years from now?

Two years from now I hope to be in New York working in the fashion world.

What will make college worth it for you?

All the doors college has opened will make it worth it for me. I’ve met so many people, made a lot of connections and completely grown as a person.

Define how you live in 5 words.

Freely, passionately, happily, optimistic, courageously.

You get to invite 5 influential people to a dinner party (currently living). Who are they and why?

  1. Emma Watson because she’s Emma Watson. She’s everything I strive to be.
  1. Amal Clooney because she is powerful, beautiful, and incredibly intelligent.
  1. Kate Middleton because she gets to live every little girls’ dream of being a princess and became much deserved royalty because of love, not because it was forced.
  1. Karl Lagerfeld because he took over the reigns of Chanel and preserved everything that it is and is a creative genius.
  1. Taylor Swift. I’ve never been a huge fan of her or her music until her last album, but because she literally took over the entire world. There isn’t one person who doesn’t know who she is. She wins an immense amount of awards at every show and she still manages to be a pretty genuine person. All that fame can take you to a whole new level.

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