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How to Write a Bio That Gets Noticed

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You have a story to tell.

You’re more than a student, more than your major, more than your hometown and more than all of your hobbies. You are all of these combined. Everything that makes you, you. This is where your bio comes into play on with your about.me page.

Whether you’re seeking an internship, sharing your love of cupcakes or evangelizing your passion for triathlons, your bio brings you to life.


Your bio is the opportunity to communicate the story of where you’ve been and where you’re going. The key to a great about.me bio is keeping it concise.

A great bio is typically between 5 to 6 sentences with half of it being personal information, the other half academic and professional. The goal is to share enough about you about you that inspires people to want to connect with you and learn more.

Here are three steps to creating a great bio for your about.me page.

1. Introduce Yourself

Share a few words on who you are and what you’re up to now. From what you’re studying to how you went from small town farm to big city living, give people a taste of who you are.

Example: I developed a relentless work ethic from growing up in poverty. In 2011, I earned the prestigious Gates Millennium Scholarship and moved to London to start my studies at NYU. This spring, I will graduate with a degree in English, Urban Education & Social Entrepreneurship, and join the People Ops and Recruiting team at Google in San Francisco.

Andy Ng

Bio Andy Ng

2. Share Your Passions + Interests

Do you dream of working in advertising in New York City, visiting every country or becoming a famous guitar player? Explain why and how you found your passions. about.me is where people come to see the big picture of you. Share what you do behind the scenes and what really drives you.

Example: Obsessed with contributing to innovation in the social sector. I love reading, thinking, eating, playing basketball, taking pictures (evidence on the right), watching Jon Stewart, and living. I really love living.

Rishi Ahuja

about.me rishi ahuja

3. Let people know where they can find you

Do you have a blog or take great Instagram photos? Invite others to connect with you on your favorite platforms. Your bio is also a great place to share the hyperlinks on projects you’ve worked on so that readers can see your work first hand.

Example: I recently invented and took a revolutionary bicycle seat, CLOAK’D™, patent pending and it should be available for purchase mid-2015. If I’m not working with innovative people or creating a revolutionary product, you can find me on the tennis court or planning my next trip through Europe. Also, feel free to check out my most recent Medium article here!

Griffin Sinn

BONUS: Make sure to add all of your social apps.

about.me griffin sinn

4. Be Memorable

The goal is to inspire others to learn more about you, to make that future employer say “YES! I want to hire you.” The reason you get the interview may not be because of your internship, but instead because of your reference to your gap year abroad.

Example: I want to see the world. Follow a map to its edges and keep going. Forget the plans, sleep with unfamiliar stars. I am in love with people I have never met and places I have never been to. I have been waiting to leave ever since I figured out there were roads willing to take me anywhere I wanted to go.

Luca Faidutti

luca about.me

5. Stay Up To Date

As you evolve, your bio should change with you. Changed your major? Studied abroad? Won a competition. Started a new blog. Learn a new language? Add it to your bio. Updating your bio is just as important as updating your resume and doing your laundry.

Standing out has never been easier. We got your back.