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How to Write a Social Media Headline That Wows

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After your photo and your name, the first thing people notice on an about.me page is your headline.

So how do you sum up who you are in less than a sentence without sounding cheesy or pretentious? The key is focusing on your passions and finding a creative way to describe them.


Think of your headline as how you’d describe yourself in one breath. Find the most important things to your personality and highlight them there. Here’s how to do it.

1. Highlight your passions.

Coffee Enthusiast | History Lover | Avid Baker

If you are super into music or hiking, feel free to share that. Don’t be afraid to show off your passions in your headline. “Lover of…” or “avid…” is a great way to introduce a passion of yours.

heather glen about.me
Heather Callaway

2. Tell everyone what you’re working towards.

Future Pharmacist | Photographer | Blogger

This can be personal or professional. Are you an aspiring surfer or filmmaker? “Aspiring” or “Future” helps give others a context on what you’re hoping to do now and in the future.

Headline Edric 2
Edric Paw Cho Sing

3. Keep it simple

Student | Triathlete | Traveler

The best headlines are like cliffhangers and make people want to learn more about you. Stick to 2-3 descriptors, or 4-6 words, so that people can digest who you are within the first few moments in looking at your page.

luca about.me
Luca Faidutti


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