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How to Select the Perfect Photo for Your about.me Page

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You know what they say, a picture says a thousand words. It’s true. Your photo is the cherry on the top of your personal brand.

Your about.me photo is the opportunity to showcase who you really are. It’s the center point of your page that makes people want to learn more about you.


Are you a suit and tie type of person or always barefoot on the beach? Do your tattoos tell a story that not many people know? Or, maybe that photo of you rock climbing tells us something about you without using any words.

Here are the three steps to selecting the perfect photo for your about.me page.

1. Showcase Who You Truly Are

Whether you’re a future entrepreneur, artist or financial analyst, show off your personality in your about.me photo. Choose a photo that looks like you and that celebrates the things that are important in your world. When in doubt, select a photo of you doing what you love.

Jeroen Landsheer about.me
Jeroen Landsheer

2. Go Horizontal With The Rule Of Thirds

A stellar about.me page follows the rule of thirds. This means that you should be framed in your photo to the far left or far right. Steer clear of choosing photos with you smack dab in the middle. From here, place your bio box on the opposite side. An added bonus is that horizontal photos cover the entire screen and look great in the thumbnail images that live throughout about.me.

Lia Brouillard about.me
Lia Brouillard

3. Make It All About You

This one is easy. Select a photo where you are the center of attention and avoid group photos.

Don’t have a great photo hiding on your computer or phone? Here are a few tips on taking the perfect one. 

Brandon Anderson about.me
Brandon Anderson

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