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How Backstory Helps College Students Get Jobs

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Every college student has a story behind the story.

Some students killed it as camp counselors. Others are crazy active on campus with student organizations and Greek life. And many have secured internships with top companies.


With Backstory, students can showcase their story on their terms. You can highlight your resume, your aspirations, add links to your portfolio, share your skills and even let employers know what city you’re looking for an internship or job.

Check out five ways students showcase their goodness with Backstory and tell the world their story.

Erika Christian about.me
Erika Christian

1. As a criminology major and sprinter on the track & field team at Arkansas State University, you wouldn’t think Erika Christian has much time for hobbies. What you don’t know is that Erika is actually an avid photographer and event photographer for her university. Erika uses Backstory to highlight her photography experience and look for new work.

Backstory Erika Brink
Erika Brink

2. Erika Brink is an english and political-economy major at UC Berkeley. With Backstory, Erika highlights her experience and passion for students’ rights by noting her work in the Student Advocate’s Office at Cal.

Backstory Jeroen
Jeroen den Otter

3. Jeroen den Otter is an ambitious Dutch business student who has always been fascinated by the latest advancements in technology. While he’s miles away from Silicon Valley, Jeroen is captivated by the tech and startup scene and uses his Backstory to show future employers that he’s looking for work in San Francisco.

Backstory Andy
Andy Ng

4. With a passion for creative marketing and community development, NYU student Andy Ng has spent the last few years traveling and beefing up his resume with valuable experiences and skills. Andy uses Backstory to showcase another aspect of himself, his writing. Andy links out to his work on the Looksharp blog and his Twitter profile.

Brandon Anderson
Brandon Anderson

5. Passionate about social entrepreneurship, Georgetown University student Brandon Anderson has even made this subject his major. Brandon uses his Backstory to share with people the work he’s up to with his app, Swat, an award-winning secure evidence collector and police conduct reporting service.

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