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5 Steps to Taking a Great Photo for Your about.me Page

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So you’ve checked your phone, your computer and Facebook page, but still can’t find a photo that represents who you are. No worries. We got you covered.

With your profile photo, you want to provide people with a glimpse of who you are and a bit about your personality. The goal is to intrigue them enough that they want to learn more about you.


Here are 5 steps to taking the perfect photo for your about.me page.

1. Camera + Friend

If you have a fancy DSLR camera, great! If not, your smartphone will do. And as much as we love selfies, we recommend you get a friend to snap your photos.

Cathy Yu about.me
Cathy Yu

2. What To Wear

Suggestion: be yourself. If you’re comfortable, happy and relaxed in what you’re wearing, the photo will come across as such. (Note: We do not accept nude photos.)

Dennis Zhao about.me
Dennis Zhao

3. Time + Place

Choose a location that represents you and your personality. This could be at the beach, in front of a mural, in your backyard or somewhere on campus that you love. The key is to select a location where there aren’t many distractions. This photo is all about you.

If you’re taking a photo indoors, make sure that there’s good lighting. This way you can avoid using the flash as it can cause harsh lighting and shadows. If you’re photographing outdoors, your best bet is in the morning or late afternoon so the sun won’t be too harsh.

Kweku Nyantakyi about.me
Kweku Nyantakyi

4. Horizontal Always Wins

A stellar about.me page has a horizontal layout. Horizontal photos cover the entire screen and look great in the images that live throughout about.me. Also, make sure that you’re framed in the photo to the far left or far right. This leaves ample space for your bio.

Gabrielle Salman about.me
Gabrielle Salman

5. Have Fun

If you’re not having fun when taking your photos, odds are you’re doing something wrong.

about.me Whitney Howard
Whitney Howard

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