The Next Rudolph to Have You Laughing on Saturday Night Live

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When you have a star-studded last name like Rudolph, a lot can be expected of you. Sabrina Rudolph is up to the challenge.

The Tulane University senior is the cousin of Maya Rudolph, the former Saturday Night Live star and actress seen in hit movies like Bridesmaids. Since she was 10-years-old, Sabrina would stay up late to watch her cousin make the country laugh. Now, Sabrina is pushing forward to do the same.


If Sabrina has it her way, she’ll grace the stages of Studio 8h at 30 Rockefeller Plaza in New York City as a performer one day. “I’ve always wanted to entertain and make people laugh just like Maya did,” she said. “I appreciate the art of acting so much.”

Maya and Sabrina post a taping of SNL.
Maya and Sabrina post a taping of SNL.

Until then, this Miami native is enjoying her last few months in the Big Easy while pursuing a major in communication and a double minor in psychology and Spanish.

Not one to rest on her laurels, Sabrina has completed entertainment industry internships at top news magazine shows Entertainment Tonight and The Insider. “I got to shoot my own pieces on the set,” Sabrina said. “I also created questions for interviews that aired that same day.”

Sabrina at the red carpet premiere of Tammy.
Sabrina at the red carpet premiere of Tammy.

For those looking to pursue a career in entertainment, Sabrina stresses the importance of gaining experience with internships. “The hours are crazy and the deadlines are crazier,” Sabrina said. “But if you’re passionate enough about it, it’s the most amazing experience you can get.”

While we can’t imagine there’s anything bad about attending red carpet premiers and meeting celebs, Sabrina found that the most important part of her first foray into entertainment was “learning what you like and don’t like within the field.”

Sabrina with the Funny Bones Improv crew.

With a great family background and experience in entertainment, Sabrina knows that success in the industry doesn’t come easy. Without a degree in theatre, Sabrina takes improving her acting skills into her own hands. She acts in short films and is a member of Funny Bones Improv, a non-profit organization that performs improv shows for sick children in hospitals. “It’s by far the most rewarding thing I do,” Sabrina said.

Despite daydreaming of starring on SNL, Sabrina keeps grounded by staying active in the Tulane community, with her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and even blogging about her daily mishaps on “Sabrina Says.” Keep an eye on Sabrina’s page for the latest from this aspiring actress.

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