From NCAA College Football to the Foreign Service

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Eastern Michigan University student Trevis Harrold has a backstory that makes you take notice.

A one-time NCAA Division I college football player, Trevis traded in the cleats of being a student-athlete to instead committing himself to public service.

With a double major in political science and economics, he has secured exclusive internships with the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Department of State in Kosovo and is heavily active in student government.

A nationally recognized student leader who has the persistence of a football player and the mind of a government official, we’re confident Trevis will continue to do amazing things on campus and beyond. Read on to learn more about what inspires him and his story.


What’s unique about your story?

I started college as a student-athlete, playing football in NCAA Division 1. A year later, I decided that football was not the path for me and instead I committed myself to public service and helping others. After I left football, I was selected as a Woodrow Wilson Thomas-Pickering Fellow, where only 20 students are selected across the country to eventually serve the U.S. as a Foreign Service Officer. I am excited for the opportunity to impact lives globally.

What’s something that not many people know about you that has defined who you are today?

I believe that it truly takes a village to raise a child. I couldn’t make the transition from an athlete to an academic scholar alone. The support I had at Eastern Michigan University and from different mentors was pivotal. It was definitely the support system I had that helped me through this experience. Trevis Harrold

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration from my mentors and different role models. I also simply love helping people because people help me. I have committed myself to public service for the common good of the people. I take pride in helping others get better. Being able to help someone in need always gives me some form of fulfillment that I can’t get any other way.

What’s been your favorite experience as a college student thus far?

My favorite thing about being a college student is meeting so many leaders across the country and world. I love hearing different leaders speak and share their passion. It’s interesting to hear their story and listen to what makes them unique.

Where will we find you 2 years from now?

Well in two years, I will be finishing graduate school and getting ready to serve in the U.S. Foreign Service. As a U.S. diplomat, I will be helping American people across the world, making sure they are safe.

Define how you live in 5 words.

Integrity, Respect, Community, Patriotism, and Peace.

You get to invite 5 influential people to a dinner party. Who are they and why?

Barack Obama, Warren Buffett, Steve Forbes, Colin Powell and Angela Merkel.

In some way or another these people all try to promote the voice of the people and that really interests me.

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