Meet 3 In Demand STEM College Students

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STEM is hot.

More than ever, the demand for college graduates with a concentration in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math education) is growing. STEM graduates are walking into a world with over 2 million jobs available.


With this sky high demand, we found three students who are determined to experiment their way to discovery through science, and snag one of those great careers.

Emily James is a PhD student at the University of Surrey pursuing a degree in natural product chemistry. Following her passion, Emily hopes to diversify the science world.

stem students emily

Alessandro Amico is a student of neuroscience in Milan, Italy. He has a passion for music and travel. Check out his page for an interesting little quote on why he chose neuroscience.


Tennessee native, Sally Zabava is currently studying astrobiology and space travel at Texas State University. Through her work, Sally hopes to bring science to the masses.


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