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How to Keep Track of the People Who Inspire You

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Who inspires you?

Is it adventurer Aron Ralston? Photographer and former Instagram community evangelist Jessica Zollman? What about author and angel investor Tim Ferriss? Have you always been a die hard fan of skateboarder and philanthropist Tony Hawk? Maybe you love haircuts just as much as StyleSeat’s CEO and founder Melody McCloskey.

It could be your mom or your high school baseball coach. We all have people close to us, and not so close to us, that we’re moved by. So how do you keep track of these important people?

about.me collections Tony Conrad travelers
Tony Conrad’s Collection of Travelers

We built Collections to make it easy to house all of the people that influence you. Whether you curate a Collection on nomads or Olympic athletes, think of them as your personal board of inspiration.

Here are three reasons to keep track of those people that influence you.

1. Know Where They’ve Been

Everyone has a story to tell. Some of the most successful people in this world have the most interesting stories. Knowing the history of those who inspire you can help you determine the next step that you want to make. From their Backstory to their bio, you can always benefit from learning about the people you aspire to become.

2. Know What They’re Up To

Keeping tabs on the people that influence you is key to knowing their next move. Whether your role models are avid tweeters, culinary masters, or are landing roles in Broadway shows, it’s important to keep up with them. That way, if you’re lucky enough to snag an informational meeting with them, you’ll be able to touch on their work.

3. Stay On Their Radar

Today, you can essentially connect with anyone and everyone. One of the best parts of about.me is that you can email just about anyone on our platform. Use this to your advantage and reach out to those who inspire and influence you. You could even give someone’s page a compliment. Tell them how much they inspire you. Everyone loves getting complimented. Plus, if they see you’re noticing them, they’re more likely to notice you.


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