How Music Helps Drive Discovery with College Students

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Regardless of what language you speak, music is a constant between us all.

For these three students, that’s definitely the case.  With varying studies from politics to hotel management, they always make time for their first love: music. Take a look into the lives of these three students to see how music helps them discover and pursue their other passions.


With a passion for politics, Marija Mladenovic, in our header photo, still finds time to pursue music and graphic design. Marija currently lives in Belgrade, Serbia and can be found volunteering or taking photos when she’s not working on her career.

Eleanor Nicholson is fascinated by the world of color, so much that she’s pursuing a degree in design and color psychology from Leeds University. Apart from studying and blogging, Eleanor loves playing the guitar.

Eleanor Nicholson

While Umberto Micarelli can’t deny a good game of basketball, he always makes time to play the bass. Currently studying management at the University of Florence, Umberto plans to work in the hospitality industry.

Umberto Micarelli

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