How to Make It in the Music Industry

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Not many college students can say that their life consists of meeting top artists like Nick Jonas and Adam Levine, or interning for the Grammy Awards. Jacklyn Krol can.

When this self-proclaimed music fanatic realized that popular music sites weren’t giving her what she wanted, she started the music blog Stage Right Secrets to feed her appetite and offer a more unique experience to music fans fans.

Jacklyn and Nick Jonas.
Jacklyn and Nick Jonas.

“I got tired of the same interviews and questions,” said the University of Indiana senior. “A lot of them were dull and I wanted to give them more life by getting the fans involved and interacting with the bands.”

Beyond finding a way for fans to connect with their favorite artists on a more personal level, starting the blog was also a way for Jacklyn to explore the music industry. “I really wanted to get into the entertainment industry, but not as a performer,” Jacklyn said.

A photo, taken by Jacklyn, of Adam Levine.
A photo, taken by Jacklyn, of Adam Levine.

Harnessing her experience, Jacklyn was able to snag an internship with The Grammys. She’s started working with their Chicago office doing everything from social media to planning events.

For Jacklyn, working for The Grammys has always been a dream. “When I was 16, I met Taylor Swift and she let me hold her Grammy,” she recalls. “Right then and there I said I would work for the Grammys.”

As a communications and business double major, Jacklyn has found the sweet spot of creating her own blog while keeping her passions in mind. The key to her success so far has been “making mistakes so that you know what not to do,” she said.

Jacklyn interviewing Chip Esten from ABC's Nashville.
Jacklyn interviewing Chip Esten from ABC’s Nashville.

So far, Jacklyn is on the right track. When she’s not interviewing her favorite music artists, she can be found coaching cheerleading, writing for Thought Catalog, and doing PR for her favorite bands.

As a seasoned user, Jacklyn uses her page on business cards and throughout social media to connect with people in and out of the entertainment industry. She also uses collections to organize and remember everyone she meets.


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