5 College Students Making Their Mark in Journalism

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Now, more than ever, college students are ensuring that their voice is heard.

From top news outlets to personal blogs, writing is a great way to gain exposure, improve your craft, and use your voice. Here are just a few of the impressive students we’ve found to be making quite an awesome impact in the world of words.


If there was a Miss America pageant that was based on social media and fashion blogging, Rachel Gordon would win it. Currently studying public relations at Rowan University, Rachel can be caught Instagramming or writing for her own fashion blog on any given day of the week.


If you thought that someone fascinated by finance wouldn’t be an awesome writer, you thought wrong. Marilyn Yang, a student at the University of Pennsylvania, regularly contributes to The Odyssey and keeps her fellow students in the know on everything from Mark Cuban to the best playlists for your workout.

Marilyn Yang

Instead of reading, you’re more likely to listen to Richard Pimenoff’s words. With a radio broadcasting diploma from Seneca College in his back pocket, Rich is currently pursuing another communications degree. He aspires to be a writer in the media industry someday.

Richard Pimenoff

Want to meet the next Carrie Bradshaw? Look no further than Ali Paasch. As a writer-in-the-making, Ali regularly contributes to The Odyssey and The Daily Nebraskan on things like “The Art of Getting By in College” and other musings.

Ali Paasch

Emily Wilkerson is what you’d call a word aficionado. Currently studying German and Comparative Literature at Oberlin, she has a penchant for foreign languages and and has contributed to a variety of blogs on historical theatres to farmers markets.

Emily Wilkerson

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