3 College Students With Founder on Their Resume

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Meet three guys who are students by day and entrepreneurs by night.

Targeting various industries, these young founders hope to disrupt the status quo and have fun while doing it.


Queen’s University student Michael Warshafsky is the founder of Encore. It’s an app that lets you relive your favorite concert experiences. Michael also has a passion for exploring new opportunities as he shadowed 60 different professionals in 60 days and chronicled it all online.

student founders michael header

Rotimi Lademo, a senior at entrepreneurial hotbed Babson College, aspires to be a entrepreneur that changes the world. Rotimi is the co-founder of Jossle, a youth marketing agency. In his spare time he’s also helping build By Peaceful Means, an organization that empowers youths to create change in their communities.

Rotimi Lademo

A senior at Indiana University, Adam Wu is finishing up his business degree and planning to make waves in the art world at the same time. As the founder of Opus Partners & Co, Adam plans to fuse social media and fine art and create the first ever online art exchange.

Adam Wu

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