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Why Students Should Celebrate, Not Hate on Their Social Media

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Face it, social media is ingrained in your everyday life. You tweet, you Instagram, you Facebook, you Soundcloud, you Snapchat…the list goes on and on.

The great thing about social media is that it allows you tell your story through different mediums. However, don’t let just one outlet define you. Take control of how people see you online.

To do this, create a headquarters that acts as your one stop shop for people who want to easily connect with you on social media and see your work and interests.


Here are five ways users celebrate all of their social goodness.

1. Twitter

Whether you’re looking for a job, catching up on the news, or following the latest meme, being active on Twitter allows people to see what you’re up, what you find interesting, and who influences you. Zach Schwartz, a Columbia University student, rap artist, and writer for Vice and Thought Catalog, links up his Twitter to share new music he’s working on, as well as daily musings.


2. SoundCloud

If you make awesome mixes, rock spoken word or are the next big thing in music, embed your latest song on your page so that people can instantly access it all. Let them see and hear how great you are. Piper Browne, senior at Tulane University, does a fabulous job at just that. 

Piper Browne

3. Blogging

People want to hear what you have to say, and who knows, they may even want to holler back. Whether your platform of choice is WordPress, Medium, or Tumblr, link it to your Backstory so your voice can be heard. Creator of VANCITY 101, and New York University student, Amy Lu shares a link to her blog so that everyone can see her amazing work.

Amy Lu

4. Instagram

Maybe we all aren’t the next Chase Jarvis, but most of us can take a darn good picture with a smartphone. Instagram is a great way to show off your creative side, whether you’re posting a bird’s eye view of brunch or your latest work of art. Dutch student and photographer, Noukka Signe shares her Instagram on her page so everyone can see the world through her eyes.


5. Video

Do you create awesome DIY videos or vlog about conservation? Adding a YouTube or Vimeo app to your page lets people see your view from the camera and generates traffic. Sam Getliffe, a student at Bournemouth University, uses Vimeo to showcase his fantastic work behind the camera.


Social media makes it easy for people to connect with you, allows them to see the world from your perspective, and share your voice. From future employers to new friends, is your go-to platform to connect everything you want to be known for.

Standing out has never been easier. We got your back.