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3 Ways My Page Got Me a Job

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As a student at Tulane University, nothing about me screamed traditional college student.

Though I had a range of experiences during my undergraduate years, they weren’t all linear. Anything that sparked an interest in me, I explored. This included blogging, organizing food trucks, working at music festivals, assisting event marketing teams and an array of other odd jobs.

When I began my job search, I knew that I wanted to share all of my unique experiences with a potential employer. However, I just didn’t know how. The one thing I did know was that I had to make it easy, appropriate, and creative in order to get their attention.


With my page, I was able to make my experiences come to life. It served as the home for everything Zoë. This included my résumé, Instagrams from my travels, recent tweets, and even articles I’d written about the latest runway collections. Without, I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to represent myself in the right light to possible employers. Here are three ways allowed me to stand out in the crowd during my job search.

1. A Place To Celebrate Non-Traditional Experiences

What’s great is that lets users celebrate their passions and experiences and allows potential employers see the big picture of job candidates. Having spent a semester in Copenhagen, Denmark and also some time backpacking through Europe, I developed a strong love for experiencing new people, places and food. After a visit to my page, anyone can immediately sense my passion for exploring. Because I shared these non-traditional experiences, potential employers started to take note and even ask about my trips during interviews.


2. A Place To Click Through Your Work

During college, I had the opportunity to be involved in the former digital lifestyle magazine, Sweet Lemon Magazine. Sweet Lemon provided me with invaluable experience and it loaded up my résumé. However, you can’t click through a résumé. When I started sending my page along with my résumé, employers were able to connect the work I created with the actual product in all of its glory. For creative students, is critical because it provides a seamless way to share great work.

3. A Place To Nail First Impressions

You’ve been told it before: you only get one chance to make a first impression. When I was applying to jobs, especially ones that weren’t local, an employer’s first impression of me was most likely an email. I needed to set myself apart from the competition and allowed me to do so. By personalizing my page, adding my Backstory, connecting all of my social channels and blogs, and creating an e-mail signature, potential employers could get a better sense of what I had to offer. Even when I couldn’t be there in person, my allowed me to create a first impression that I was proud of.

The good news is that I got a great job. And it’s with Even better, it’s my job to help students use our platform to brand themselves, tell their story and land the career of their dreams. I guess they liked my page!

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